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As Adult Dating Sites Thrive, Relationships Are Harder To Keep

By: Christina Edwards

Meet Dr. Andrew Conru.

To some, he is a hero and the person who revolutionized the way people can find casual sex partners. To others, he is one of the most dangerous enemies in the battle of saving the institution of marriage and the concept of a lasting relationship.

Dr. Conru's background is fascinating and unique in the internet dating scene.

His educational credentials include a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering design from Stanford University, with Bachelor degrees in Economics from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

In 1997, after gaining experience in a few traditional mainstream dating websites that he initiated in the early days of the online dating industry, he started Adult Friend Finder.

Unlike the other dating services, which offer a practical way of finding a partner for the purpose of serious relationship, Conru decided to target the niche of the 'unserious' audience.

What started as a small anecdote in the online dating arena grew to staggering proportions in just a few years and matured to be one of the biggest, most active communities on the net.

Today, the site has more than 10 million registered members which have mainly one thing in common: they all want meet other members looking for commitment-free sex.

Five or ten years ago the main hunting fields for sex partner seekers were sleazy pickup bars, certain types of parties and newspaper ads. Now, however, the internet has succeeded in making this task a lot easier and more accessible for a lot of men and women.

The lack of necessity to hang out in dubious places in order to fulfill one's fantasies and the complete anonymity that the site offers turned Adult Friend Finder into a huge success.

It is no wonder that with such new age services, maintaining a marriage is harder and more challenging than ever before. After all, an easy alternative to fidelity is always lurking around the corner and finding an affair partner has never been easier.

The threat that adult dating sites pose on the well being of marriages and serious relationships is real. Furthermore, many singles, especially ones that were disappointed from the never ending dating game, choose to turn to the adult dating alternative.

After all, many people are just looking for the type of relationship that is offered on these adult dating sites. And with a slogan like, "The world's largest adult and swingers sex personals site!” many people find it pretty hard to resist.

Dr. Andrew Conru didn't stay alone in this booming niche. More and more competitors are starting to emerge and the competition for new members is fierce.

The aim of the newer adult services is to increase their user base and try to narrow the gaps with Adult Friend Finder's huge member database.

Recently, one of AFF's main competitors called Eroticy, began offering free trials, allowing potential members to test their service first, before they open their wallets and pull out their credit cards.

If the adult dating scene continues to grow rapidly, which all evidence seems to support, divorce rates will probably increase and traditional values will be compromised.

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